…About Scotty Wright…

“This West Coast singer has it all- a full-bodied and supple voice that can dip into the low range or scat at 60mph, great rhythmic sense, taste, and technique to spare. And can he swing!”
W. ROYAL STOKES- JazzTimes Magazine

“…be clear on one thing. When Scotty’s in charge of the gig, then there’s gonna be some great music and you’re gonna remember in a heartbeat why it was you loved jazz in the first place. Scotty lives and breathes the spirit of jazz, and he delivers the fine music jazz has to offer with style and musicianship and heart and soul.”
ZEN DELTA –, jazz website Bangkok Thailand

“Scotty Wright is becoming one of only a handful of authentic jazz singers…He is a solid improviser…Whom does Wright sound like? Surprisingly, no one…the most gifted new jazz singer in decades.”
HUGH WYATT- New York Daily News

“Wright is a strong, yet easeful singer with a natural between-tunes rap…He sang ‘Easy Living’ (hanging behind the beat, leisurely, as if designing the song, its pace, according to his needs)…Wright is also a fine instrumental vocalist…one who invents his own syllables – rich ones – based, he says, on his perception of ‘the sounds of the instruments: a musician’s way of speaking in tongues’. “That only works if you hang around with, and listen to the right sort of players, and it was clear…Wright took on the timbre, taste and invention of the musicians who surrounded him.”
WILLIAM MINOR – Jazz Writer, Monterey CA

“What impresses me most about his singing is that he never messes around with a tune just for the sake of doing something different; he always has an artistic reason for what he does. Perhaps he has discovered another kind of beauty in an old song or he wants to paint a different emotional coloring from the one normally associated with a tune…Always he has a sense of the dramatic, so that solos build to a climax and end decisively at the right moment.”
ROBERT TATE – JazzNow Magazine

“The very promising Scotty Wright displays a deep, full-bodied voice with fine projection, rhythmic surefootedness, surprising strength as a composer, and a deft touch as an interpreter of would-be, perhaps should-be, standards…”
GENE KALBACHER – Editor/Publisher, Hot House, NYC

“Vocalist Scotty Wright is obviously comfortable with a wide range of jazz material… displaying a remarkable command of the material and of the stage…
“This is an artist who can really attack a song, scat at a furious up-tempo, and then lay back with a wonderfully resonant ‘In a Sentimental Mood’…”
MICHAEL HANDLER – Contributing Writer, Down Beat Magazine

“The leap from competence to excellence is a long one that requires work and courage. The leap from excellence to the magical is longer still — and the breakthrough cannot be bought, forced or willed. It comes as sheer gift. Always. Such a breakthrough occurred just the other night when Scotty Wright, jazz vocalist, and top-drawer musicians played…”
JOHN DETRO – Jazz Critic and Broadcaster, Monterey CA